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High Bonding Tile Adhesive for Wall & Floor ELVEE G66

High Bonding Tile Adhesive for Wall & Floor ELVEE G66

USD 3.00 ~ 4.00
Brand Name
Min Order Qty
1 Ton
Production Capacity
20 Ton per Day
Payment Methods
Western Union, Pay Pal, T/T
Delivery Time
10 days
Packaging Details
20 kg per bag

Fuzhou Elvee New Materials Co.,Ltd.

Fuzhou , China
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ELVEE ceramic tile glue is a polymer modified cement based adhesion material. Ideal for bonding most types of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles over masonry substrates. G66 is polymer modified cementitious tile adhesive. use for glazed tiles, ceramic tile, high water absorption glazed tiles, all size floor tiles and wall tiles less than 400 400mm Composition: Polymer-modified cement-based powder. Colours: Grey White. Type/Classification: Cementitious Adhesive with Improved / Additional Characteristics,Reduced Slip. Pack sizes: 20kg Key Features: - Rapid-setting sets in 2 hours . - Pot life within 4 hours. - Suitable for porcelain tiles and glazed tiles. - Use on walls and floors. - Highly water/frost resistant. - Thin bed thickness and light weight - No need wet wall and tiles Grout after: 2 hours at 20°C Product Uses 1. Can be used on substrates that ready for coating and non-shringking: concrete, cement plaster, concrete panel, and brickwork with plaster directly 2. Can be used for water absoption less than 0.5%, Ceramic tile size ≤300 600 mm on the interior wall. If you have any question please feel free to contact me Email: tilesadhesive at gmail
Withe& gray
Main Raw Mate
Cement, sand, polymer...
Quality System
tandard: ISO 9001:2008
Good bond strength
for laying floor and wall tiles
4-5 kg/m2
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