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Honeycomb Grease Filter

Honeycomb Grease Filter

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10000 Pieces per Day
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Guangzhou Trusty Filters CO., Ltd

Guangzhou , China
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Hoenycomb Grease Filter for Range Hood Technical Characteristics: Commercial Grease Filter TFC01-009 Commercial grease filter is made of aluminum or stainless steel mainly for the range hood system.With the unique structure, commercial grease filter makes little resistance, causing no trouble for the ventilation when catching the oil in the air.& 160;Commercial grease filters here are as follows: Case :aluminum honeycomb aluminum; Application : The commercial grease filter is to be used in commercial range hood ventilation system such as kitchen in hotel, restaurant and etc. Pressure Loss Chart Standard Available Sizes commercial grease filter We are a commercial grease filter manufacturer, so special product size of the commercial grease filters can be made according to your specific requirements. Technology Advantage: Commercial Grease Filter TFC01-009 Larger specific surface area Low airflow resistance Replacable filtering element Affordable cost Packing conditions of the commercial grease filter: Video about the fire stopping function of the stainless steel grease filter below:
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Guangzhou Trusty Filters CO., Ltd
Guangzhou ,China
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