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Pinionshaft and big ring gear for mud pump part

Pinionshaft and big ring gear for mud pump part

USD 1000.00 ~ 3000.00
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500 Pieces per Month
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Dongying Lake Petroleum Technology Co Ltd

Dongying , China
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Mud Pump Spare parts-Pinionshaft and Big ring gear LAKE has the ability to provide pinionshaft and bull gear for all sorts of mud pumps. The pinion and bull gear are made from similar material to the crankshaft and with a high precision double helical gear, with less back lash than any of our competitors. The precision gears ensure power is transmitted over the full width of adjacent gears and the decreased backlash prevents the hammering effect, which pccurs with speed change. We have specialized in manufacturing spare parts of mud pump for over 10 years to the worldwide Oil Drilling industry.We stock and sell a wide selection of mud pump fluid end expendables and spares parts. Mud pump parts for F series mud pump, For P series mud pump, For PZ series mud pump, For 3NB series mud pump. These parts include liners, pistons, valves seats,piston rods, rod clamps, extension rods, all fluid end seals and gaskets, fluid cylinder modules and accessories, as well as power end components, such as crankshaft assemblies, gear sets, connecting rods, crosshead, and bearings.
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Dongying Lake Petroleum Technology Co Ltd
Dongying ,China
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