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Private enterprise "Solyaris" a producer of refined and unrefined sunflower oil and packed oil of TM "MAJOIA" and TM "SONYANA" All products comply with state standards and... (Read More)

Product Description

Product Name :100% pure Sesame oil
Place of Origin: Hungary
Taste :Original

Ingredients: White sesame/black sesame

Packing Detail :

160ML/bottle, 30bottles/carton;

210ML/bottle, 24bottles/ carton;

335ML/bottle, 24bottles/carton,

450ML/bottle, 24bottles/carton

1LML/bottle, 12 bottles/carton

1.8L/Barrel ,1.8L X 6 Barrel /carton

2.5L/Barrel ,2.5L X 4Barrel /carton

5 L/Barrel ,5 L X4 Barrel /carton


200L /Can

OEM available

Packing type: Glass bottle plastic barrel,plastic bag,Can

Storage Condition: Store in cool dry place,Keep away from sunshine

Minimum Order :100cartons,advise to order full container to save cost.
Delivery: About 3-5 days for sample and 20-25days for mass production


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