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We are a third generation business, backed by strong family traditions of honesty, integrity, values and relevance to society - the legacy of Dhanalaxmi Vilas Cashew Company,... (Read More)

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Cashews Spicy Roasted
Our Spicy Roasted Cashews are jazzed up with natural spices and extracts in a range of tastes to spice up any occasion.

Chili Cashews
Our Chili Cashews are flavored directly with a combination of different powdered chilies and natural chili extracts for a balance of flavor and heat to spice up any occasion. A fantastic spicy cocktail treat.

Chili-Garlic Cashews
Our Chili-Garlic Cashews are flavored with natural chili and dried garlic powder and extracts for a powerful combo-flavor that enhances the appeal of roasted cashews. It's wonderful as a savory cocktail snack.

Black Pepper Cashews
The smoky zest of Pepper n' Salt perfectly complements the creamy taste of Roasted Cashews in this classic evening snack. We use Indian Black Pepper powder and natural extracts to balance the flavor and the bite of pepper.

Lime-twist Cashews
The tangy twist of Lemon n' Salt is the perfect foil to the creamy goodness in every cashew bite.

Peri-peri Cashews
Our version of the African Peri-peri, a tangy mix of red chili, paprika and other spice-powders, is beautiful in combination with cashews for a spicy treat that entices your palate.

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