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HT oilfield services provide you drilling fluid solids control equipment, well control equipment, spare parts etc. (Read More)

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Drilling Fluid Shale ShakerHT drilling fluid shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in oil well drilling. The shale shaker absorbs the similar products design experience and advanced technology at home and abroad. The vibrating motor is imported and can fit for all kinds of mud purification. It is the necessary equipment in removing solids in drilling fluids. HT can supply you the tandem shale shaker or triple shale shakers.Features of Shale Shaker 1 . HT shale shaker has high G force, bigger shaker areas, adjust deck. 2 . The shale shaker deck is sealed, the thickness can make sure more than ten years work. 3 . The bottom deck is stainless steel material, thus improve the working life. 4 . The deck is whole heat treatment, thus can meet the requirement the ling time high vibration work. 5 . The shaker screen is frame plate type, and the wedge-shaped block is easy to change screens. 6 . The vibration motor is famous brand, Martin or Oli. 7 . The electrical element is Siemens or Schneider. 8 . The feeding fluid type can designed from back input tank, top or hopper type to meet different working sites.

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