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Expanded metal panels, for its various opening holes, beautiful colors and different sizes, always surprises people as decorates.To avoid common concrete construction material, expanded metal plate might be used for building facades and interior walls in order to be both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. Even expanded metal is used in the whole space of office in order to achieve a metallic effect. Patio furniture like bench and picnic table made of expanded metal is weather resistant.It is more rigid than other material, so it can protect its containers in a great degree. With various patterns, expanded metal products are everywhere around us.Building Exterior ScreeningCeilings, Windows, Indoor Partition Walls Upholstery Table and Chair Indoors and Outdoors Shelving and Racks ContainersBBQ GrillsTrash BasketLampshadeChimney Caps, VentsSpeaker CoverFilterBuilding Exterior ScreeningExpanded metal facade system can be used on the outside of the building facade to deflect the light and help to achieve LEED points in several categories. The construction certainly would be light and tough, flexible and strong with expanded metal panels. Besides an iconic image is created for the metal elements, in steads of an effect of heavy building. California College of the Arts Graduate Center employs expanded metal as the museum facades and generates a huge response.Audi company uses expanded metal as building exterior screening wall.EXO-02: Expanded metal used as Audi company building screening wall.A picture took from a upward view of a building's exterior expanded metal screening.EXO-03: Expanded metal used as building exterior screening for a decorative effect.Recommended mesh options mesh opening with wire diameter :1/2'' .081 mm.3/4'' .081 mm.3/4'' .125 mm.1-1/2'' .125 mm.Features:Anti-cut and anti-climbing.Anti-throwing.Safety protection.Whether resistance.Sunshine resistance.Low maintenance.Durability.Visible.Cost Effective.Simple to install, difficult to breach.Ideal for secondary operations.Material will not unravel when cut.Ceilings, Windows, Indoor Partition Walls Upholstery :To bring a metallic effect indoor, expanded metal could be added into ceilings, partition walls and inside furniture. The expanded metal mesh system ensures excellent ventilation while providing security, weight lightness and visibility. At a major cost savings advantage, compared with wire mesh and perforated metal, choose expanded metal is a better idea.Expanded metal as ceiling in a restaurant, with lamp hanging on.EXO-04: Expanded metal could be used as ceilings.Expanded metal is used as wall, partition and ceiling in an office.EXO-05: Expanded metal could be used in office to being a metallic effect.Expanded metal used as partitions and there is clothes hanged on.EXO-06: Expanded metal sheet used as partition in house, there is place for your clothes.Several panels with black PVC coated expanded metal make themselves a visible window.EXO-07: Expanded metal panels makes the wall visible and ventilate.Features:Anti-cut.Anti-throwing.Corrosion Resistance.Low maintenance.Easier operation.Durability.Visible.Economical.Cost Effective.Simple to install, difficult to breach.Ideal for secondary operations.Material will not unravel when cut.Table and Chair Indoors and Outdoors Expanded metal table and chair fit for garden, balcony, street and other outside sites by resisting sunshine and rain. For bar, office, meeting room, coffee shop and many other indoor public or private places, expanded metal table is cost saving and has modern elements. Either for office desk, indoor table or outside bench, expanded metal made table and chair have the advantages of cost saving, long serving life, sturdiness with low maintenance.An integration of table and four chairs in use, all made from expanded metal.EXO-08: Expanded metal made communicate and meal used table and chairs.Expanded metal made bench staying outsideEXO-09: Expanded metal made outside used bench.Features:Low maintenance.Weight lightness.Durability.Comfortable.Cost Effective.Shelving and Racks ContainersBookstore, retail store and other warehouse are all loyal customers to expanded metal shelving and racks containers. Protect the goods from oppression or other danger, open a new and broad place to types of objects, expanded metal shelving is more space saving.White expanded metal made shelving with books in stand on.EXO-10: Books are put on expanded metal white shelving.Expanded metal made shelving used to store many food here.EXO-11: Goods could be stored in expanded metal shelving in a store or warehouse.

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