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To protect privacy and be sure of security, security fencing is quite a necessary. Expanded metal, both standard and flattened, are suitable for being a fencing guard for its unique features of uniform structure and rigidity. The picture right EMF-01 shows our rigid galvanized expanded metal used as fence. If corrosion resistant ability is extremely significant for your places, green or black PVC coated fence could be offered. Besides, from micro mesh, light and small mesh, to large and heavy mesh, the supplying is out of question. For such a large range of opening mesh, it could be guaranteed that wherever an expanded metal fence is needed, there is always one suit, Which means that fencing for building, highway, stair railing and cage for animals and equipment are all supplied. Expanded metal be used in fencing offering security at low cost, high efficiency and aesthetic enjoyment.Architectural Perimeter FencingSnake FencingFencing for Highway and RailwayExpanded Metal Bannister GuardArchitectural Perimeter FencingArchitectural perimeter fencing refers to fencing for buildings, including garden and farm, residential buildings and industrial site, etc. Perimeter fencing made of expanded metal panels and posts protect occupants, valued equipment from potential threatens of intruders and trespassers. The expanded metal perimeter fencing provides quick surveillance as well as security from throwing object. Both temporary and permanent fencing are supplied. Expanded metal mesh and fittings supplied ensure different levels of security to accommodate site-specific challenges.Galvanized expanded metal fencing panels protects in a very high height.EMF-02: Expanded metal fencing panels together with brackets to against intruders are fastened upon posts up to a very high height.Different heights galvanized expanded metal fencing panels protect the factory from intruders.EMF-03: Expanded metal fencing panels are fastened upon posts and protect the factory.Recommended perimeter fencing mesh patterns SWD, gauge, flattened or raised :1/2" 13 .188 R.3/4" 9R.3/4" 9F.1" 7R.1-1/2" 9R.2" 9R.Applications:Architectural Perimeter Fencing could be used in garden, farm, pool, residential buildings, industrial site, stadiums, construction sites, material storage yards, dumpster enclosures.Snake FencingWhite PVC coated expanded metal fencing is installed upon a pre-existing green expanded metal fence.EMF-04: Expanded metal snake fencing panels could be installed upon pre-existing fence or used alone.Couple with expanded metal into your current fencing guards, snake fencing with small opening holes could absolutely deter the snake entrance in storage, yards.Installation note: a 48" tall typical panel, buried 12" into the ground.Recommended snake fencing patterns SWD, gauge : 1/4" 18, 1/4" 20.Applications:Garden.Farm.Pool.Industrial site.Material storage yards.Fencing for Highway and RailwayHighway fencing be installed in highway road or railway to protect the safety of vehicles or pedestrians and restrict access to railroads, highways, roads, and other such hazards. Highway fencing consists of expanded panels, posts and rails. Normally the highway fence will be required to painted into green for the purpose of relaxing and anti-glare effect.Green PVC coated expanded metal highway fence used in a highway road.EMF-05: Expanded metal highway fencing could be installed for a permanent use.A ruler is measuring the length of expanded metal opening hole.EMF-06: Expanded metal highway fencing be used here for it is uneasy to fall into pieces by car accidents.Recommended highway fencing patterns:Wire thickness: 3.06.0 mm.Height: 502300 mm.Length: 1500 mm, 1800 mm, 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm.Extra Benefits: Anti-glare effect.Applications:Highway.Railway.Bridge.Expanded Metal Bannister GuardBlack PVC coated expanded metal bannister rail guard used in a office, with colorful walls.EMF-07: Expanded metal bannister rail used here to protect from falling and make people feel an aesthetic enjoyment.To protect people from falling off the stairway, expanded metal with uniform openings is better and safer than a framework consists of handrail posts or chain link panels, no mention of a bare handrail. The metal elements in product increase the visual enjoyment in a more rational way. With the addition of other security controls, staircase railing is a cost-effective method of protecting people and facilities.Applications:Balcony.Corridor.Deck.Stairwell.Features for all expanded metal made security fencing :Anti-cut and anti-climbing.Anti-throwing.Whether resistance.Sunshine resistance.Corrosion Resistance.Safety protection.Durability.Visibility.Cost Effective.Simple to install, difficult to breach.Ideal for secondary operations.Material will not unravel when cut.

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