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Expanded metal walkway grating is an extremely common application for expanded metal panels. The raised bonds and strands provide stronger supporting capacity than the original steel platform. With different weight per square foot and the shapes of the diamond pattern, expanded metal walkway grating yields different strength to weight ratio for various industrial and commercial situations. Compared with bar grating, expanded metal grating has the advantages of anti-slip effect, heavy bearing capacity, and is especially safer for women in high-heeled shoes. Engineers regard it as an excellent choice when safety and conformance to standards is crucial criteria.PlatformStair treads and ladder rungsPlatformExpanded metal platform can be used to support both objects and human beings. For the purpose of skid resistance and space saving, most of clients prefer expanded metal platform. Furthermore, expanded metal platform, being not unravel and having the capacity of heavy bearing, is strongly recommended. General expanded metal platform consists of expanded metal panels, U-edges and posts.A expanded metal panel used as platform for supporting billboard.EMWG-02: Expanded metal platform for supporting billboard in a high altitude.A red coated expanded metal walkway grating be used here upon stream as ridge.EMWG-03: Expanded metal panel with "V" braces under makes a bridge platform.Applications for platform :Billboard platform.Sign platforms.Machinery platforms.Conveyor walkway.Tower platforms.Interior/exterior catwalks.Work platforms.Bridge decks.Storeroom floors.Stair treads and ladder rungsA men is walking down the galvanized expanded metal made stair treads.EMWG-04: Expanded metal stair treads for a cost-effectiveness both indoor and outdoor.Stair treads made of expanded metal suits for temporary use in construction sites and permanent use for a long time. By thick, raised and small-opening-holes expanded metal panels, both male and female shoes are applicative. As a metal product with finish coating, our stair treads are corrosion resistant, water resistant, longevous compared with wooden stairs, more stable and suitable for various shoes than stairs made of bar grating.Applications indoors and out :Stairway.Ladders.Vehicle steps.Specifications for stair treads and ladder rungs :Material: stainless steel, low carbon steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, etc.Hole shape: diamond, square, hexagon, fan-shape, etc.LWD: 1.04.0 inches.SWD: 0.251.50 inches.Overall thickness standard : 0.1000.450 inches.Panel sizes: customization.Surface treatment: galvanized, PVC coated, power coated, anodized, enameling, painting, etc.

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