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Expanded metal is a versatile and economical product that can meet various demands in different situations. The sheet, plate or coil be cut or slit and stretched into numbers of regular opening diamonds on the surface is called expanded metal.Compared with its alternatives, expanded metal is more rigid and won't ravel if part is cut off because it is slit rather than perforated. And it is more cost-effective on account of its special expanding technic which causes none material loss in the manufacturing process. According to its different materials and wide ranges of specifications, expanded metal is used in different places. It is an ideal product used as fencing guard, partition, stair tread and catwalk grating. Therefore we provide a wide range of expanded products, as following:By styles:After slit and stretched, the sheet rises and falls regularly, which we called standard expanded metal raised or regular expanded metal . After passing through the rolling mill the flattened expanded metal is finished.Part of standard expanded metal being put on a blue backgroundEM-02: standard expanded metalPart of flattened expanded metal being put on a blue background.EM-03: flattened expanded metalBy materials:Many kinds of metals and alloys are suitable for expanded metal: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and alloy of nickel are very common materials. Then stainless expanded metal with different chemical elements can also be divided into such several types: Types 304, 304L, 316, 316L. The specifications vary with different types slightly.A detailed drawing of white carbon steel expanded metal.EM-04: carbon steel expanded metalA detailed drawing of stainless expanded metal.EM-05: stainless expanded metalA detailed drawing of white aluminum expanded metal.EM-06: aluminum expanded metalA detailed drawing of copper expanded metal.EM-07: copper expanded metalBy finish types:The usual finish methods include pre-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, galfan-coating, anodizing, enameling, power coating, painting, PVC coating, etc. The most popular finish method for iron and steel products is galvanizing. Expanded metal can be sprayed or plated into any color. It is necessary for you to specify the wanted type of coating, thickness and color of finish.A detailed drawing of white galvanized expanded metal.EM-08: galvanized expanded metalA detailed drawing of green PVC coated expanded metal.EM-09: green PVC coated expanded metalA detailed drawing of black power coated expanded metal.EM-10: black power coated expanded metalExpanded metal in green, blue, black, reseda, orange, red, gold.EM-11: different hole shapes and colors of expanded metal.By hole shapes:The process of expanded metal being produced.EM-12: expanded metal manufacturing processThe small animation shows that the top cutting die descends and simultaneously slits and cold forms an entire row of half diamonds; and then the top die ascends and moves one half diamond right as the base metal moves forward one strand width. With different shapes of cutting dies in machine, different shapes of openings are formed. diamond openings, hexagon openings, square openings, round openings and fan-shaped openings.A detailed drawing of galvanized expanded metal with diamond openings.EM-13: expanded metal with diamond openingsA detailed drawing of galvanized expanded metal with hexagon openings.EM-14: expanded metal with hexagon openingsA detailed drawing of galvanized expanded metal with square openings.EM-15: expanded metal with square openingsA detailed drawing of galvanized expanded metal with diamond and hexagon openings.EM-16: expanded metal with diamond and hexagon openingsEdge configuration:Condition of edge refers to two types: random open and bond closed . Each sheet shall have closed diamond openings on all sides of the sheet unless ordered differently. Expanded metal with random shearing edges and bond shearing edges.EM-17: Two end random shearing edges and two end bond shearing edges.Manufacturing tolerances:A ruler is measuring the LWD of a standard expanded metal sheet upon a red background.EM-18: LWD will not vary from the nominal dimension more than 1/4-in. per foot 2 mm per 100 mm of dimension.Wire diameter and thickness examination of expanded metal sheet by rulers.EM-19: The thickness of flattened expanded metal shall not be less than 80 % of the nominal thickness of the corresponding raised expanded metal thickness.Features:Versatility: Expanded metal can be used to solve the many problems.The flow of air and light: With different numbers and shapes of opening, the air and light can pass through easily according to your demands.Variety opening shapes: Cut by different cutting dies, various openings would be offered.Corrosion resistance: The product after Galfan coating is particularly corrosion resistant.Strength and formability: The sheet will not unravel for its unique technic.Durabilit

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