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FRP chemical storage tank also known as FRP chemical storage vessel , is manufactured by filament winding process and designed to store high corrosive chemicals like acids, alkalis, alcohols, mineral oils and esters. It can used at high temperature, under high pressure and performs well in preventing seepage, leakage and overflowing.We offer FRP chemical storage tanks in various dimensions and colors to meet your requirements. In addition, FRP chemical storage tanks can also be offered with suitable agitators, ladder, gear box, electric motor and other accessories.There are several FRP chemical storage tank with yellow ladders.FCST-01: FRP chemical storage tank is manufactured by filament winding process.There is a FRP chemical storage tank in blue with a ladder.FCST-02: FRP chemical storage tank can be offered with ladders and other accessories.This is a FRP chemical storage tank in red.FCST-03: The finish coat of FRP chemical storage tank can be made in different colors.FRP chemical storage tanks with flat bottom in different dimension are set together.FCST-04: FRP chemical storage tank can prevent seepage, leakage and overflowing.Specification - FRP chemical storage tankModelVolume m3 Size mm diameter heightMediumWeight kg Temperature C FCST-1010 2000 3700Dilute sulfuric acid750.70 - 60FCST-2020 2500 4700Dilute nitric acid1036.40 - 60FCST-3030 3000 5000Sodium silicate1644.80 - 60FCST-4545 3500 5200Ammonium sulfate2380.90 - 60FCST-6060 3800 5600Hydrochloric acid31170 - 60FCST-7070 4000 6500Caustic soda3725.60 - 60FCST-100100 4000 8500Sulfuric acid5197.20 - 60FCST-230230 5500 9280Hot hydrochloric acid12473.30 - 80FCST-500500 9000 10512Hydrochloric acid249050 - 60Material: FRP Fiber Reinforce Plastic .Pressure: ordinary.When the volume of the FRP chemical storage tank is bigger than 45 m3, a ladder is needed.Other sizes can be customized.There are two FRP chemical storage vessels with black four-leg supports.FCST-05: Accessories can help FRP chemical storage vessels to fit and work better.FeaturesIdeal choice for storing of acids, alkalis, salts and other chemicals.Be adaptable to a wide range of temperature.High physical & mechanical strength.Low thermal conductivity & good insulating qualities.Being corrosion & weather-resistant.Seamless & one piece design.Glossy finish reducing pump loads & easy to handle.Maintenance free, no need of changing the liner layer.Durable & having long service life.Economical & cost effective.ApplicationFRP chemical storage tanks which can store acids, alkalis, bromine, caustic, chlorine, alcohols and other chemicals, are widely used in chemical, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical, desalination, power, refinery and sewerage treatment plants.FRP chemical storage vessel is lifted by a crane.FCST-06: FRP chemical storage vessel is easy to handle and install.

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