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FRP transportation tank, also named FRP transportation vessel, is made of resin and fiberglass with filament winding process by microcomputer control machine. Commonly being horizontal, FRP transportation tank with saddles is applied to transport highly corrosive liquid, gas and other media gasoline, hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde, methanol, sulfuric acid, alcohol, etc. . In general, FRP transportation tank can be circle, oval and square.This is a FRP transportation tank which is original color.FTTP-01: FRP transportation tank is made of high-quality resin and fiberglass.There is a FRP transportation tank storing corrosive medium.FTTP-02: FRP transportation tank is highly corrosion-resistant and anti-aging.It is a 3D model of a FRP transportation tank in silver.FTTP-03: FRP transportation tank is a well-structured vessel with high strength.Specification - FRP transportation tankModelVolume m3 Length mm Diameter mm Thickness mm Weight kg FTTS-010.91210 10009134FTTS-02114409142FTTS-031.216909155FTTS-041.318209162FTTS-051.5208010179FTTS-062271010217FTTS-072.5335010243FTTS-0821530 140010234FTTS-092.5186010261FTTS-103218010291FTTS-113.5251011320FTTS-124283011350FTTS-134.5316011380FTTS-145348011410FTTS-1542260 160011365FTTS-165275011416FTTS-176325012478FTTS-187375012535FTTS-198425012569FTTS-2010524012683FTTS-2111574012740FTTS-2283440 180012578FTTS-239384012629FTTS-2410423014738FTTS-2512502014857FTTS-26156200151097FTTS-27187380151337FTTS-28208160151490FTTS-29103520 200012686FTTS-3012415013794FTTS-31155110141002FTTS-32186060141144FTTS-33206700151326FTTS-34258290151610FTTS-35309890151897FTTS-36153550 250014994FTTS-37184160141080FTTS-38204560141164FTTS-39255580141378FTTS-40306600141548FTTS-41357620141761FTTS-42408640152096FTTS-43254040 3000161533FTTS-44304750161622FTTS-45406160172081FTTS-46507580172613FTTS-47608990172981FTTS-487010410183583FTTS-498011820184037FTTS-50606500 1600193180FTTS-51707480193499FTTS-52808460204068FTTS-53909440204394FTTS-5410010430215071FTTS-5511011410215513FTTS-5612012390226195There is a FRP transportation tank with white coated.FTTP-04: FRP transportation tanks in different dimensions meet customers' needs.It is a special kind of FRP transportation tank with ladders.FTTP-05: Particular kind of FRP transportation tank can be customized.FeaturesFRP transportation tank is acid-proof, alkali-proof, anti-aging, anti-seepage, insulated and resistant to microbiological corrosion.Having the advantage of low thermal conductivity and being endurable under high pressure, FRP transportation tank can keep a constant-temperature storage effectively and last over 35 years.FRP transportation tank also has smooth surface, light weight and high strength.FRP transportation tank is easy to clean and almost maintenance free.Heating and cooling facilities can be added to FRP transportation tank according to customers' requirements.There is a FRP transportation tank which is prepared to be assembled.FTTP-06: FRP transportation tank is easy to handle and assemble.This is a FRP transportation tank for explosive tendency medium.FTTP-07: FRP transportation tank has good chemical properties.ApplicationPetrochemical industry: nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, ammonia water, hydrogen peroxide, ferric chloride, zinc salt, etc.Environmental protection industry: sewage, effluent, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other noxious gas and liquid.Food industry: brine, purified water, drinking water, etc.Metallurgic industry: kerosene, tar, etc.Pharmacy industry: ultrapure water, alums, etc.

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