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Product Description

"Freshko Solar Water Heat System" Solar Water Heater has an evacuated tube collector ETC . It operates on thermosiphon/natural convection principle, Solar rays strike the black coated absorber tube, which in turn heat the water of the tubes. The driving force for circulation in such a system is derived purely from the density difference between hot & cold water through the evacuated tubes. As the water gets heated up it becomes lighter, and "Automatically" rises, and in turn is displaced by the comparatively heavier cold water from the storage tank. Hot water storage tank is made from G. I. Coated steel tank, insulated with 50 mm thick PUF insulation to prevent overnight heat loss and G.I. pre - coated outer cover.

"Freshko Solar Water Heat System" ETC solar water heater is available in various capacity from 100 liters to 500 liters-ideal for general use. Commercial & industrial buyers can fulfill huge hot water requirement through ETC manifold type solar water heater.

ETC Solar water heater is designed for non-pressurized gravity water inlet application, so air vent to hot water outlet tank is required. "Freshko Solar Water Heat System" hot water storage tank is equipped with electrical back up & thermostat control; therefore, hot water requirement can be fulfilled in cloudy days in rainy season.

Evacuated Tube Collector has a net absorber area 1.23 Square Meter and efficiency is 31 to 32 % whereas Flat plate collector has a net absorber area 1.95 Square Meter and efficiency is 51 to 52 %. Compare to ETC solar water heater, FPC solar water heater is costlier due to more absorber area, efficiency and usage of copper & Aluminum. It’s also customized as per your requirement also.

HS CODE: 841919

• Household Water Heating,
• Hotel & Restaurant,
• Industrial & Commercial,
• Swimming Pool,
• Institutions,
• Hostel,
• Hospital,
• Heath club etc.

• High Efficiency with 93% absorption.
• Unlike flat plates solar tubes can be cleaned easily from inside, scales can be easily removed in case of hard water.
• Powder coated outer tank with PUF insulation ensures low conduction and convection losses to atmosphere.
• Powder coated stand to give more strength and life
• Low cost and long life
• Excellent service backup
• Height Density Galvanize / Stainless-steel 2.5mm Thick Tank Gives More Strength
• PUF Insulation
• Marine Inside Coating
• Aluminum embossed side cover
• G.I. Sheet St and S.S. Nipples Thread fitted on coupling
• Hot Deep Galvanize Base & Leg
• World's latest innovated technologies.
• High temperature.
• Less scale due to tube big diameter

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