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Garcinia kola nuts(bitter kola nuts) FOR SALE

Garcinia kola nuts(bitter kola nuts) FOR SALE

USD 17.00 ~ 21.00
Brand Name
Min Order Qty
10 Kilogram
Production Capacity
10000 Kilogram per Month
Payment Methods
Western Union, Money Gram
Delivery Time
10-21 days depending on buyers location
Packaging Details
as specified by the buyer

OHL Farms

Port Harcourt, , Nigeria
Free Member
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O.H.L Farms is an agribusiness company that deals mainly in the exportation of bitter kola garcinia kola . We have in store very fresh garcinia kola nuts, We are open to any good buyer of our garcinia kola. We deliver high quality bitter kola garcinia kola around the world. We have been in existence for some time now and have a client base all over Europe. Our product is cheap and affordable in terms of pricing, packaging, quality, control, payment term and more. We also provide assistance through consultation channels on finding choice agricultural products, ready and interested buyers and sellers . Contact us today for high quality bitter kola garcinia kola and other agricultural needs and get high quality goods, services and transactions
Nitrogen-free Extract- 86.23%
Crude Protein- 8.06%
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OHL Farms
Port Harcourt, ,Nigeria
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