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JRS Farmparts, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization is a $150 Million Group headed under the stewardship of our chairman – Sh. J.R Singal. JRS Farmparts is a 37 year old... (Read More)

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We JRS are manufacturer and exporters of harrow disc.farm implement that is used to till the soil where crops are to be planted. Harrow disc is commonly used in Agriculture Implements like disc harrow & plough disc for cultivation of land. It makes the land smooth and suitable for weeding and It is also used to chop up unwanted weeds. We provide Harrow disc made up of three materials like Carbon Steel, Boron Steel & 65Mn.Harrow disc are available in different types.1. Plain harrow disc 2. Notched harrow disc Notched Harrow disc:- Notched disc harrow blades are able to penetrate the layers of soil in a better and more aggressive manner since there is a greater weight per inch of circumference between different blade notches Plain harrow disc:- Smooth discs are used for ploughing of soil, which turns outer layer of soil inside and extracts inner fine & fertile soil making growth of crops easier.Specifications of harrow disc:1.Offers an economical way of agricultural work2.As handy tools it is a kind of rugged farm tool used for cultivating the soil where crops are to be embedded3.Remove crop remainders and unwanted weeds4.Generally used to chop off residue incorporating it into the top soil and break up virgin land eliminating clumps as well as loosening the soil packed5.Helps to promote the prompt decay of dead plant materials6.Perfect for using in dry, rigid and stumpy soil no matter what the land condition isFeatures:1.Excellent strength2.Sturdy design3.High efficiencyFinish Available is:1.Matty Finish2.Glossy FinishCompany informatinJRS Farm parts, an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization is a $150 Million Group headed under the stewardship of our chairman Sh. J.R Singal. JRS Farm parts is a 37 year old organization known for its commitment towards innovative quality performance and excellent customer services. We are a prominent TWO STAR export house recognized by Government of India. JRS is manufacturing & exporting Three point Linkage Parts, Agricultural Implements, Light and Heavy Forgings, Sheet Metal Components, Castings and other Light Engineering goods Worldwide. With a strong corporate brand presence, JRS had strived hard for more than 3 decades to achieve a global recognition and continues to set fresh challenges to maintain their foothold and goodwill in Middle East, Latin America, Africa, North America and European markets. Contact JRS FarmpartsC-87 Phase 5, focal point, Ludhiana, IndiaEmail:-jrsfarmparts01@eastmanglobalPhone/whatsapp:-+919779701222Skype:- agripart06

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