High Bonding Tile Adhesive for Wall & Floor G68



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Fuzhou ELVEE New Materials Co., Ltd (SH:204948) was founded in 2002, committing itself to the research on waterproof solution systems, has been acknowledged as the leading company... (Read More)

Product Description

ELVEE ceramic tile glue is a polymer modified cement based adhesion material. Ideal for bonding most types of ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles over masonry substrates.

1. Consistent quality.
2. Pre-packed for convenience in handling, mixing and application.
3. Good bond strength.
4. Weather resistance and high durability.
5. Easy thin bed application - just mix with water, no additives required
6. Long open time.

Product Uses:
1. Can be used on substrates that ready for coating and non-shringking: concrete, cement plaster, concrete panel, and brickwork with plaster directly
2. Can be used for water absoption less than 0.5%,Ceramic tile size ≤300 600 mm on the interior wall.

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