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Kaymo Fiber Reinforced Plastic Manufacture Co., Ltd. is founded in 1992 in Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China. We are a professional corporation that deals in manufacturer,... (Read More)

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Horizontal FRP tank, also called horizontal FRP vessel, is a device composed by seepage-resistant and anti-corrosive inner layer, firm structural layer, anti-aging outer layer, heads, nozzles, and saddle supports. FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic , its raw material, is a special kind of plastic which has been reinforced with fiberglass, similar to the way that rebar strengthens concrete. Horizontal FRP tank is a perfect choice when you are in need for storage tank but have a vertical height limitation. By using filament winding method, the material of horizontal FRP tank can be reinforced to adjust its physicochemical ability and meet different requirements.There is a horizontal FRP tank with two red saddle supports.HFTP-01: Horizontal FRP tank is made by using filament winding method.Two horizontal FRP tanks are placed on the ground.HFTP-02: Horizontal FRP tank is a perfect choice as a storage vessel.This is the structural diagram of a horizontal FRP tank.HFTP-03: Horizontal FRP tank can be manufactured in different dimensions as your requirements.Specification - horizontal FRP tankModelNominal volume m3 Actual volume m3 Number of saddle supportsMain container mm Thickness mm Weight kg Dia.L1L2abcHFTS-0111.25210001460960500255010280HFTS-0222.062100019901400500255012295HFTS-0332.932100022001700500255012297HFTS-0444.072120022801680500258015480HFTS-0555.033140027702070500258018650HFTS-0666.32160032702470500258018750HFTS-0777.23160037702970500258018780HFTS-0888.643180042703370500258020840HFTS-0999.523180047603860500408020920HFTS-101010.1731800526043605004080201060HFTS-111615.1731800612052205004080201500HFTS-122020.26422006500540050050100252273HFTS-132524.83422006800570050050100302718HFTS-143032423007900675050050100324132HFTS-154040326008310701050050100355086HFTS-165050.06428009870847050050100406727HFTS-176360.6328009990859050050100458797HFTS-187071.3643000104608960500501004810012HFTS-198080430001188010380600501005011463HFTS-2010099.96430001455013050600501005013863HFTS-21120120.1432001540013800600501005516971Density of material: 1.7 - 2.0 g/cm3.Roughness coefficient: 0.0084.Colors: oyster white, bluish white, ivory, dark green and upon your request.There is a 3D model of horizontal FRP tank with a ladder.HFTP-04: Horizontal FRP tank can be sold with some accessories depending on the needs of our customers.This is a horizontal FRP tank with four red saddle supports.HFTP-05: Horizontal FRP tank is made of a special kind of plastic which has been reinforced with fiberglass.FeaturesExcellent physicochemical performance & durability: Horizontal FRP tank has high strength, good corrosion resistance and thermal insulation.Long service life & low maintenance cost: Horizontal FRP tank has smooth inner wall which is non-toxic, odorless and easy to clean.Wide range of application: Horizontal FRP tank is widely used in many different fields for storing kinds of liquid.Light weight: Horizontal FRP tank is made of fiber reinforce plastic which is lightweight.ApplicationBecause of the notable advantage of its material, horizontal FRP tank is gradually taking the place of metal tanks in many field. Horizontal FRP tank is supplied for both above and underground applications and has an extensive usage in metallurgic industry, chemical industry, medical treatment industry, light industry, construction industry, textile industry, food industry and electroplating waste water treatment, etc.Horizontal FRP tanks are stored on the yard.HFTP-06: Horizontal FRP tank is lightweight and highly corrosion-resistant.A horizontal FRP tank is set on the truck, getting ready to be delivered.HFTP-07: Horizontal FRP tank has an extensive usage in many field.PackagePacked with foam and carton.Tied with packing belt.

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