Logistic equipment heavy duty storage double deep pallet racks

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Established since 1997 by Victor Wong, Aceally has now developed into a big Group owning more than 1,200 staffs and 4 factories located in Nanjing, Nantong, Kunshan and Xiamen,... (Read More)

Product Description

Name:Logistic equipment heavy duty storage double deep pallet racksProduct DescriptionThis is a very effective system to increase your warehouse storage capacity especially for fast movements of pallets. The Double Deep Pallet Rack is designed to store two pallets deep or four pallets deep in a double entry rack to suit most warehouse conditions. Double entry racks reduce the aisle to rack ratio but also reduce pallet selectivity to increase storage density. With a floor utilization capacity of 60%, this system offers optional storage accessories for awkward and non-standard loads. It gives a 50% immediate accessibility and an average stock rotation performance. Double Deep Pallet Rack gives you 30% extra storage capacity compared to selective pallet rack. A special Double Reach Truck is required to handle this configuration.Features & AdvantagesIncreased storage density compared to selective rackingGreater utilisation of available headroomEfficient in operationRelatively low cost racking systemLoad weights and height limited to forklift capacitySample CAD layouts for your reference:aceshelving/racking

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