Master Pro Touch milk analyzer

Price : USD 100 - 1000 Per Pieces






1 year

Minimum Order Quantity


On Request

Production Capacity


1000 Pieces Per Month

Delivery Time


3-5 days after payment

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3 pcs per box - W/37 - H/41 - L/81 sm - 15 kg

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Milkotester Ltd.

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Milkotester LTD was established in 1997 in Belovo, Bulgaria. Our main aim is to produce and develop high-quality milk analyzers under the trade name Master The production and... (Read More)

Product Description

Master Pro Touch is a milk analyzer of a new generation.It possesses 7 inch touch screen and most advanced technology in the ultrasonic milk analysis.Master Pro Touch gives new possibilities for operation with its extremely easy and user friendly design and software.
7 inch touchscreen
Onscreen keypad for entering client number and litres of milk
Last measured results are visible while the new measurement is in procces
One year full warranty
No acid or other chemicals are used
Self calibration without computer
Ultrasonic Technology
Low power consumption
Peristaltic pump
Very small quantity of milk

Measured parameters:
Solids non fat SNF
Milk density
Added water to milk
Freezing point

Default options:
1. Integrated clock with date.
2. Bilingual menu.
3. Three factory preset calibrations and option for calibrations on customer's request.
4. Laser engraved inscription.
5. Memory for 500 measurements.
6. USB 2.0 for PC connection.
7. RS 232 port printer support.

Options on customers request:
1. pH system
2. Conductivity system
3. Flash drive support
4. Bluetooth support
5. Second peristaltic pump for automatic cleaning
6. Inbuilt printer
7. Electronic scale - 130 kg max capacity
8. External display
9. Inbuilt battery

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