Prodiet Clinical Nutrition

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Prodiet Enteral Nutrition

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An introduction to our business: Prodiet Clinical Nutrition is a Brazilian company dedicated to the development and production of enteral nutrition and... (Read More)

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Prodiet Clinical Nutrition manufactures Enteral Nutrition products. Prodiet has a complete range of nutrition products, providing balance nutrition and condition specific nutrition. Specifications:Function: Clinical NutritionType: Clinical Nutrition Place of Origin: Brazil Model Number: ProdietDosage Form: Enteral Nutrition Oral or Probe Consumption Call us: +55 27 99606-3327 Packaging & Delivery: Packaging Details: 1000ml Tetra Square/200ml TerabrikDelivery Detail: 2-4 weeksProduct Overview: Formula Features: Our products are FSMP product: Food for Special Medical Purposes Complete, balanced clinical nutrition or condition specific clinical nutrition Prodiet produces both Liquid and Powder products that can be consumed either orally or through probe consumption Suggested Usage: Enteral Nutrition Oral or Probe Consumption HALAL CERTIFIED & EU CERTIFIEDWe are fully compliant with the Regulatory Standards in the following countries: Brazil, Spain, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Cyprus, ParaguayWe are due to be awarded Regulatory Certification in the following countries: Chile, Bulgaria, Argentina and Malta

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