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Prodiet Enteral Nutrition

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200ml Tetrabrik; 1000ml Tetra Square

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An introduction to our business: Prodiet Clinical Nutrition is a Brazilian company dedicated to the development and production of enteral nutrition and... (Read More)

Product Description

Prodiet Clinical Nutrition manufactures Enteral Nutrition products. Prodiet has a complete range of nutrition products, providing balance nutrition and condition specific nutrition.


Function: Clinical Nutrition Type: Clinical Nutrition Place of Origin: Brazil

Model Number: Prodiet Dosage Form: Enteral Nutrition Oral or Probe Consumption

Call us: +55 27 99606-3327

Packaging & Delivery:

Packaging Details: 1000ml Tetra Square/200ml Terabrik
Delivery Detail: 2-4 weeks

Product Overview:

Formula Features:

• Our products are FSMP product: Food for Special Medical Purposes

• Complete, balanced clinical nutrition or condition specific clinical nutrition

• Prodiet produces both Liquid and Powder products that can be consumed either orally or through probe consumption

Suggested Usage: Enteral Nutrition Oral or Probe Consumption


We are fully compliant with the Regulatory Standards in the following countries: Brazil, Spain, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Cyprus, Paraguay

We are due to be awarded Regulatory Certification in the following countries: Chile, Bulgaria, Argentina and Malta


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