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Product Description

Never be without light. Whether it is in the middle of the night while studying for that all important exam and the lights go out; or whether you are trekking in the wild outdoors, and there is no other source of electricity.
The solar lamp is a small portable device that works as an emergency light, or as a torch or for general room lighting. Easily charged by a solar panel during the day, this light and durable product is extremely handy to have around the house.
Solar Module: 5W Polycrystaline
LED Type: Pure White
LED Lamp Wattage: 3W
Light Coverage: 360 Degree
Daily Hours of Operation: 5to 8 Hrs
Battery: 6V/4.5Ah SMF
Indications: Charging & Low Battery
Other Functions:
Mobile Charger port:
Modes of Operation: Low Intensity/High Intensity
Warranty: One Year
Delivery: Charges included in Sale Price.
For details on different types of Agni solar Electricity systems and other solar products available in india and their prices, Call Us On 02066434111/ +919822648018 Or Visit our website: agnisolar/product/solar-lantern/

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