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TellS Industries is the next generation company, who believes in working with the latest advent of technological Factor, we established Manufacturer and Exporter of Electrical... (Read More)

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Solar Inverter Systems: TellS Introducing new solar inverter, or photo-voltaic inverter, or Solar converter, converts the variable direct current DC output of a photo-voltaic PV solar panel into a utility frequency alternating current AC that can be fed into a commercial electrical grid or used by a local, off-grid electrical network.
• Worked Off-grid with Battery Bank.
• Customize priority with options of Solar - Battery - Grid & Solar - Grid – Battery.
• Efficiency more Then 95%.
• Inbuilt solar charge controller with the option of MPPT & PWM technology.
• Intelligent operation for improved battery life.
• In case of unavailability of solar, charging from grid.
• Low change over time in µsec.
• Suitable for Roof - Top projects.
• Option for data logging through RJ-232 cable.
Standalone-High Frequency Solar Inverter:
100VA/12V, 300VA/12V, 400VA/12V, 500VA/24V, 750VA/24V
1600VA/48V, 2000VA/48V
Off-Grid Solar Inverter-1 phase in-1 phase out:
5KVA/48V, 5KVA/96V, 7.5KVA/120V, 10KVA/180V
Off-Grid Solar Inverter-3 phase In-3 phase out
20KVA/240V, 30KVA/240V, 40KVA/360V, 100KVA/360V

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