The connection between LED lattice screen and gas detection alarm control cabinet of Xi’an HuaFan



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Xi'an Huafan Science and Technology Limited Company was founded in 2003.It is a new and high technology enterprises , devote to design, research, manufacture, sale and after-sale,... (Read More)

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Product DescriptionThe LED lattice screen can connect the gas alarm control cabinet of our company, the screen can real-time cycle displays the current channel gas values and other alarm information of the control cabinet. The screen display visible, convenient for users to view, easy to install, simple wiring and has high reliability.The system is mainly used in the situations where flammable, oxygen and various kinds of toxic gases need to be detected. the concentration of the detected gas is displayed in real time with LED dot matrix screen.LED screen can be made monochrome or two-color display, size and display content can be customized according to user requirements, the connection diagram as follows:Basic parameters:Size380 mm 210 mm 83 mmWeight: 2.5 kgWorking voltage: AC220V 50 hzOutput voltage: DC24V over-current protection function The number of channels: 1 or 2 roadDisplay mode: direct displaySignal input: 4-20 maThe control output: AC 250 v, 30 v DC 10 a 10 a relay switch output Connection mode: two wire, three wire system 4-20 mA current signal of the transmitter Or four wire bus transmitterResponse time: 8 secondsOutput control: 1-2 road alarm control relay outputTemperature range: - 10 to 50 Humidity:15% ~ 70% RH No condensation Installation method: wall-mounted installation

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