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Excellent Thai Products

Ban Bang Na , Thailand
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NO.1 PLATINUM WHITENING SKIN INJECTION SET JAPAN Experience Lightens , Whitens and smoothens of your Skin in just 1 course treatment ! and once you have got the desired results you can stop using it. It has 6 different contents, it is sold seperately in original packaging which is assembled by qualified doctors and import directly from Japan. You are allowed to assembled the product yourselves at any pharmacy in Japan ONLY with doctor's prescriptions. However, with increasing demands for whitening injection for cosmetic purposes, there are alot of sellers who come out with their own assembled whiteing injection and claim as original. There are 6 different contains 10 each 60 vials in total for 1 full course 10 times treatment 1 グルコリンS注射液 Amino Acid - 400mg/20ml/vial 保肝 -排毒肝脏治疗 2 グルタチオン Glutathione - 200mg/vial 谷胱胺肽 3 ビオチン Biotin - 1mg/vial 生物素 4 クリストファン剂 Ascorbic acid/Antioxidant - 1000mg/vial Amino Acid L-ipolic - 80mg/vial 5 ライボミンS注 B2B6 - 1ml/vial 6 トラネキサム酸注射液 Tranexamic Acid - 1000mg/10ml WHITENING EFFECT: - Whiten skin and lighten scar - Suppresses the formation of Melanin which contributes to after exposure to UVA/ UVB - Lighten pigmentation, skin color resulted from exposed sunlight - Smooth fine lines and wrinkles - Suppresses the formation of acne/blemish/pimples FIRMING EFFECT: - Stimulate collagen formation - Enhance the elasticity of skin - Moisture and hydrate skin - Firm, smooth and soften skin - Minimize pores and improves skin complexion - Prevent aging of skin - Anti wrinkles OTHER HEALTH EFFECT: - Remove excess free radicals that will cause abnormal function of brains and organs - Improved Liver functions RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: Initial Therapy: 1 treatment per week for 10 treatment Full course MAINTENANCE COURSE: ONLY- Use of this drug should always be closely monitored by a medical professional. BIf only necessary: 1 treatment every 1-2 months. This product is administered through intravenously IV Administered over dose is believed to have the property of antihistamine. METHOD: 6 Types of Substances, 10 Each- total 60Vial /Course 10 Treatments Administer through IV, add in Saline water 250mdrip for at least 45-60 mins slow down the dripping speed if dizziness appeared VERY IMPORTANT NOTES: - Do not self-administer, always consult an expert for a proper assessment and accurate advice. - Do not administered more than recommended dosage. - This substance does not promise absolute results for everyone. What’s effective to others may not be effective to you. - Stop using if you experience skin sensitive, rashes etc. - If dizziness occured, slower down the dripping speed REMARK: This Authentic Products Set need PRE-ORDER ONLY!!! Because of all 6 products in this set not easy to buy direct. Guarantee Authentic 100% direct from Distributor in Japan please check products not easy buy as personal!!!
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Excellent Thai Products
Ban Bang Na ,Thailand
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