Used Cooking Oil

Used Cooking Oil

Price : USD 380 - 400 Per Metric Ton

Minimum Order Quantity


100 Metric Ton

Production Capacity


100000 Metric Ton Per Month

Delivery Time


14 Days

Packaging Details


Flexi Tank / ISO Tank

Payment Methods


L/C , T/T

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Product Description

Used Cooking Oil UCO : Used cooking oil is waste or spent cooking & frying oils collected from commercial food factories, restaurants, arena's, casinos, schools, bakeries, etc. While the majority of used cooking oils are vegetable based, by no means should UCO be considered "waste vegetable oil" as there is inevitably some level of animla fat in UCO, which is naturally derived from the cooking process, and of course some resteraunts cook in fats rather than oils. Generally UCO should not be considererd yellow grease as it may not be fully rendered or meet the specification commonly associated with yellow grease.
Waste Vegetable Oil WVO : WVO is simply another name for used cooking oil restaurant grease or in some cases may be used to refer to off spec or expired fresh oils that cannot be used/marketed as intended. WVO is generally used to refer to used cooking oils that are primarily vegetable oil based and have minimum or no animal fats from cooking process. Oil may or may not be processed and will have variable specifications for MIU and FFA. Pictured on the lower right is a product which has been skimmed to remove animal fats and saturated/hydrogenated fats and oils, and finely micron filtered. This would be considered a refined waste vegetable oil product.

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