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Water Tank Cleaner

Water Tank Cleaner

USD 2200.00
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1000 Box / Boxes
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64 Box / Boxes per Month
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35-40days (based on USA)
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Each product is packed in a box


geumjeong-gu , South Korea
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Note ▲ Product Property - Machine that can lean a 10mx10m tank in 20 minutes - Portable and minimized product under20kg - Outstanding perrormance to clean a tank's pond, water fountain floor ▲ Way to Use - Adjust water level to clean under 30cm~40cm - Grab handle, move cleaner at direction of movement on floor and side of tank - Disconnect power code, dry and keep it after you finish ▲ Precautions - You have to be care about flooding and falling of product when cleaning - Power of water supply pump should be connected into socket of main body. And power of main body should be connected into external socket. - You have to use external socket connected earth leakage breaker Data - Power : Single-Phase 220V, 110V For domestic - Cleaner rated output : 180Watt - Water supply pump rated output : 140L/min - Service environment : seawater and fresh water - Maximum usable water level : 30Cm - Earth leakage breaker recommended specification - Voltage : 250VAC - Current : 20A - Sensitivity Current : 15mA Certification Condition ▲ Electricity Safety Certification Complete. ▲ KC Certification Complete ▲ 2015 Patent rutility model registration Registration Number 20-2015-0003648 Complete ▲ 2016 KC Conformity Assessment Standard Complete The price is possible to negotiate.
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geumjeong-gu ,South Korea
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