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Fuzhou ELVEE New Materials Co., Ltd (SH:204948) was founded in 2002, committing itself to the research on waterproof solution systems, has been acknowledged as the leading company... (Read More)

Product Description

Cement Based Water Proofing

is highly water resistant membrane coat specially developed as a base coat to cover unevenness and pinholes in plastered surface and to resist ingress of water. Although it is a water resistant, surfaces treated with Plastic Seal can be painted or plastered. It improves paint adhesion and thus reduces the cost of a painting by prolonging paint life. It is lime-free. It is suitable for brush application. It can be used for waterproofing terraces and water tanks, where high degree waterproofing is needed. For terrace waterproofing, use of a thick layer of cement plaster on top of Plastic Seal , coat is recommended to avoid abrasion. Plastic Seal contains white cement, quartz powder, other fillers and a number of additives including various polymers and silanes.

Cement Based Water Proofings Features :

Excellent bonding to the base plaster / concrete. Has high crack bridging capacity – resists all kind of crack up to 0.5 mm.
Can be used on new as well as old walls/roofs, terraces, rooftops, gardens and water tanks.
It is eco-friendly.
Can bear pressures above 1.5 bars.

Cement Based Water Proofings Benefits:

Good workability, saves time, cost effective.
Very high waterproofing.
Suitable for application on terraces, water tanks, sloping roofs and sunken slabs.
Consistent work quality.

Water Proofings Advantages:

Very high bonding strength – can be plastered / painted on with very good result.
Very high water resistance.
Reduced paint consumption.
One component system – Less application error.

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