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YOKOGAWA	0950-3017 PS605-0101

YOKOGAWA 0950-3017 PS605-0101

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1 Pieces
Production Capacity
200 Pieces per Day
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3 days
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factory seal

Moore Automation LTD

Xiamen , China
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MOORE HK AUTOMATION LIMITED Sandy Lin E-mail: unity@mvme.cn Skype: onlywnn@outlook Tell: 0086-0592-5165503 Fax: 0086-0592-5165561 Mobile: 0086-18020776786 WhatsApp:+86-18020776786 QQ:2851195456 Quote to you within the shortest possible time with our best price. Give me a Inquiry, I will get you back immediately or in 9 hours. If you have a large purchase, we can make a discount. ● AB ● ABB ● HIMA ● BENTLY NEVADA ● GE Fanuc ● Honeywell ● Foxoro ● Siemens ● Reliance ● Rosemount ● Emerson ● Westinghouse ● Schneider ● Modicon ● Yaskawa ● Yokogawa ● Fisher ● Mitsubishi ● and many more ! High efficiency application Good quality with long life span Specifications: NEW+ORIGINAL +ONE YEAR WARRANTY PTQ-PDPMV1 TSXSUP65 140DDI85300 XBTHM017010 140ACI04000 140CRA21110 TSXASZ200 TSXETZ410 140DAI753 TSXAST200 TSXMPT10 TSXAEM411 TSXDST3292 TSXP4730 TSXSCM2111 TSXADT201 TSXDET1612 TSXDSZ32R5 TSXDSZ32R5 ADU206 TSXAEM412 TSXDST417 TSXDST1635 TSX4740 TSXMPT10R TSXDST1604 TSXDET1604 TSXDET1604 TSXDET824 TSXAEZ414 TSXMFP032P 140CPU43412A 140CPS11420C TSXDEZ12D2 PC-A984-130 DEO216/AS-BDEO-216 140CRA93100 TSX3722000 TSXSCP111 TSX08CD12R8AS TSXDEZ08A4 LC1D40F7C TSXDMZ28AR TSXSCP114 TSXDEY16A5 140CPS12400 LC1D38F7C LRD32C LC1D32F7C AS-B354-001 140CRP93100 TSXCTZ2A 140CPS11420 TM2AMM3HT TWDLMDA20DTK TWDDDO8TT AS-BDAP-212 TWDLMDA40DTK GV2-M20C 140EHC20200 AS-BDAP-208 140ACO02000 140DDI35300 140DDI84100 140ACI03000 AS-BDEP-256 AS-HDTA-202 AS-BDEP-215 AS-BADU-211 TSXDSZ08T2 TSXAEZ801 AS-BADU-256 AS-BDAP-217 LUCA05BL LUCA32BL LUCA1XBL TSXASZ401 ABE7-CPA02 AS-H827-103 AS-H827-100 AS-8535-000 PC-E984-685 TWDAMM3HT TWDDDI16DT OTB1CODM9LP PCE984785 140CHS11000 140DDO35300 140DDO35300C TSXDSZ08R5 TSXRKY12EX TSXRKY6EX 140XBP00600 TSXDEY32D2K TSXP57454M TSXDSF635 TSX1723428 TSXPSY2600 TSXDSY16T2 TSXP57453M TSX08CD08R6A 140EHC10500 LTMR08MFM TSXMRP032P PM810MG ABL7 RE2403 TSX3721101 TSX07312428 TWDLCAA16DRF TWDDRA8RT TWDAMI2HT TWDDRA16RT TSXETZ410 TSXDMZ28DR TSX08SSJD14AS TSX08ED12R4S4 140CPS11400 140CPU43412 140CPU11303 140CRA93200 TSX08RCOM TSX08ED12F8 TSX08ER16 TSX08CD12F8AS TSX08CD08F6DS TSX08RCOM TSX08ED12R8 AS-B805-016 TSX08CD08F6D 140XBE10000 140XTS00200 TWDDDI8DT TWDLCAA40DRF TSXDMZ28DT TSXDSY32T2K TSXDEY32D2K TSXAEY1600 140DDM39000 TSXRKZ02 TSX08EA4C1 TSXAEY414+TSXBLY01 170NEF11021+170ADO35000 170ADO34000 170ADM35010 170NEF11021 140CRA93100 140CRP93100 140DDI35300 170NEF11021 TWDALM3LT 140KEY03100 AS-S908-120 140ACI03000 TSX P57252 TSXBLY01 TSXDSY16R5 TSXDEY16A2 TSX3721001 TSXAEZ802 TSXDEZ32D2 ATS48C21Q PC-E984-685 AS-B883-001 PC-E984-685 110CPU31100 TSX08EA4A2 NW-BM85-000 M884/807-24 520VPU19200 140AVO02000 140ACO02000 140XBP01000 NW-BP85-002 416NHM30030A 140NOE77100 140CPU11302 170ADO74050 170ADI74050 PM8M26 140XBP01600 TSXP57303M 140DDI84100 140DDO84300 140XCP51000 140ATI03000 140CPS11100 TSXDEY16A5 TSXDSY16T2 140DAO84010 TXBTF024311E TXBTF044510E TXBTF024411F AS-E485-904 AS-M480-008 TSX08H02MK AS-HDTA-200 AS-HDTA-201 TSX3722001 + TSXDMZ28DR 140CPU43412A AS-B837-016/ B832-016/B801-000/ B833-016/ B825-016/B804-016 AS-B885-111 AS-P810-000 A984-145 E984-275 AS-BDAP-220 AS-BDEP-217 AS-BDAP-210 /DAP210 AS-P120-000 AS-BDEA-202 AS-BMOT-201 AS-BBKF-201 AS-BDAP-216N TSXRKY12 TSXETY110 TSXDSY32T2K TSXDEY32D2K AS-B824-016 140NOM21100 140MSC10100 140DDO35310 140DDI35310 140DAO84210 AS-P810-000 TSX08RCOMN TSX08EAV8A2 140CPS11410 ATS46C41N AS-B872-100 AS-B808-016 AS-B875-111 AS-J890-001 AS-P371-002 AS-B809-016 AS-B809-016 PC-0984-485 AS-BDAP-212 AS-BADU-205 110CPU31102 AS-B354-001 TSXDET1612 TSX08CD12M8A TSX08CD08F6AS TSXP47405 TSXDET824
one year warranty
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Moore Automation LTD
Xiamen ,China
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