AC And DC Drives

AC And DC Drives

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Product specifications

ACS55 [0.25-3 HP] (0.18-2.2 kW),ACS150 [0.5-5 HP] (0.37-4 kW),ACS250 [0.5-20 HP] (0.37-15 kW),ACS355 [0.37 to 22 kW] (0.5 to 30 HP),ACS850-04 [0.37 to 560 kW] (0.5 to 700 HP),ACS310 [0.37-22 kW] (0.5-30 HP),ACS550-01 wall-mounted units [0.75-160 kW] (0.5-200 HP),ACS550-02 free-standing units [160-355 kW] (250-500 HP),ACS550-U1 [0.75-150 HP] (240-600V),ACS800 single drives [0.55 to 5600 kW],ACS800 multidrives [1.5 to 5600 kW],ACS800 drive modules [1.1 to 4000 kW],DCS 800,DCS 550
Ge - af
AF-650 GP*General Purpose Drives,AF-60 LP* Micro Drives,V-300 Standard Drive
Altivar 61,Altivar 71

Product Description

EEC is a leading supplier of AC / DC Drives. We stock an extensive range of drives together with a range of ancillary products. We are able to support obsolete drives as we stock a broad range of spare parts and refurbished drives.

We supply medium voltage variable speed drives for a wide range of applications in the cement, mining and minerals; power; water; metals; marine and chemical, oil and gas industries. They are used to adapt the motor speed to the actual need, thus optimizing energy consumption. Our product portfolio also includes state-of-the-art DC drives which gives you design flexibility and the proven dependable performance.
EEC assists its customers in improving productivity and reducing energy consumption with a comprehensive, range of AC drives and drive systems. Our offering of AC drive products are sold with solutions from simple speed control to complex coordinated process control.


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