AirWolf AW3D AXIOMe 3D Printer

AirWolf AW3D AXIOMe 3D Printer



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Price: US$1,225
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AirWolf AW3D AXIOMe 3D Printer

CoreXY Motion Control System
Active Automatic Bed Leveling System
Easy Feed Filament System
High Strength Extruded Aluminum and Injection Molded Polycarbonate Enclosure
Fully Enclosed Print Theater
.50 orifice nozzle .35 orifice nozzle is optional
1 Camber Reinforced Ceramic Build Plate
1 2oz bottle of Wolfbite Nano Premium Adhesive Solution for PLA
1 2 pound spool of PLA filament 3 mm
1 year parts and labor Warranty
6 months unlimited Technical Support


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