Calibrated Birch Plywood

Calibrated Birch Plywood



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The company specializes in plywood, lumber and manufacturing process. With our network of cooperation we are able to provide stable, reliable supply. Birchlab OU's aim is to... (Read More)

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Russian birch plywood.
Over the years we have selected material with best industry reputation to work with. We can offer special thickness tolerance plywood, cut-to-size elements, laser ply, veneer etc.

Standard dimensions: 8 x 4 ft (2440 x 1220 mm) , 4 x 8 ft , 5 x 5 ft (1525 x 1525 mm). Various other dimensions are also available.
Thickness tolerance- For (15 32 in.) 12 mm 0,2 (0,3) mm (example)

Plywood can be ripped to your needs.
CTS (cut-to-size): (8,5 in.) 216 x 2440 mm (example)

We offer free consultancy to determine your exact needs. Gladly sharing our experience.

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