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Product Description

Coco Peat Or Coir Pith Blocks is an Eco-Friendly soil substitute and soil conditioner made from coconut husk. The coir dust is washed, heat treated, screened and graded before being processed into various coco peat products. It has excellent wettability and high water retention capacity that ensures growth in the plants.The fibers increase the air-water ratio and this causes oxygenation which promotes strong and early root development and better crop yields.

COCO PEAT POLES work as supporting pole for POTTED PLANTS of indoor and outdoor gardens.It is mixed with sand,compose and fertilizer to make good quality potting soil. Being a good absorbent,dry coco peat can be used as an oil absorbent on slippery floors.It is also used as bedding in animal farms,poultry farms and pet houses to absorb animal waste so as to keep the farm clean and dry.

We offer best quality COCO PEAT in a competitive price. It is purely a natural organic product and it is environmentally acceptable from its sources through processing to end use.One kg of compressed coco peat will expand to 15 liters of moist coco peat.

Low EC coco peat for Agriculture.

High EC coco peat for Cattle Sheds.Available in 5 kg Blocks.


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