Dry Citrate Haemodialysis Concentrate

Dry Citrate Haemodialysis Concentrate



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Product Description

Dry Citrapure Dry Citrate Haemodialysis Concentrate is a unique and novel citrate containing, acetate free haemodialysis concentrate. Citrate is very well known anti oxidant and anti coagulant lead to reduce inflammation and risk to develop cardiovascular disease in patients on haemodialysis.
Dialysis centres can avail Dry Citrapure Dry Citrate Haemodialysis Concentrate as per below formulas on the basis of their requirements or prescribed by physician or nephrologists.

• Improved acid-base status
• Easier electrolyte individualization
• Less thrombogenic dialysis
• Reduced inflammation
• Improved tolerance to treatment
• Improved efficiency - Increases dialysis dose Kt/V and URR, Increase nmbers of dialyzer re-use and lower pre-dialysis levels of urea, phosphate and B2-microglobulin
· Reduces need in dialysis patients up to 40%
· Better Kt/V in case of Dialyzer Reuse due to better clearing of fibers
· No -related complications, like Osteoporosis, Pruritis, disturbed Lipid Metabolism
· -induced Myeloperoxidase release causes atherosclerosis propagation not present with Citrate concentrate
Can be used in Liver Failure patients undergoing Heamodialysis


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