Dual Spindle Swiss CNC Lathe 32D

Dual Spindle Swiss CNC Lathe 32D



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TodayCNC Standard Precision Machine Tool Co., Ltd,Website:, was established in 2001, which is the first Swiss-type CNC lathe factory in China. China?s... (Read More)

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Today Standard Precision Machine Tool Co.,Ltd is a professional China dual spindle swiss cnc lathe 32d manufacturer, we are able to offer you best and cheap dual spindle swiss cnc lathe 32d and dual spindle swiss cnc lathe 32d for sale.Advantage High rigidity,high speed rotation,high speed movement,no vibration clamping Dual spindle design,spindle and sub spindle could machining simultaneously.Through-hole spindle,it can operate steadily High speed and precision machining from short to long workpiece, to match with the workpiece, have two effects for one machine.Guide sleeve spindle(long workpiece) and no guide sleeve spindle (short workpiece) can easy convert. Block-based Tools design,could achieve the precision drilling,tapping and milling for all kindls of shafts. Install 19 Tools,6 for combo turning tools,4 for side rotating,5 for front drilling,4 for back drilling.Large number of tools,could carry on multi tools processing. 4 axis or 5 axis lathe with easy operation,high efficiency,powerful.With X1,Y1,Z1,X2,Z2,C1,C2(optional Y2) 7 control axis. Large capacity chip bucket, can easy to clean and reduce cleaning frequency,cut down labor costs accordingly. Anti oil leak structure design,more clean production environmentApplicable industriesApplication for aviation, aerospace, military industry, automotive, motorcycle, communications, medical,refrigeration, optical,electrical appliances, micro electronics, electronics, watches,Fax Machine,Printer,Dental,Locks and other industries for largevolume mass-production,high-precision, complex processing of turning,milling processing.Applicable materials All kinds of metal. Such as Titanium alloy,Aluminum,Copper,Carbon steel,Stainless Steel,Zinc alloy,UHWM,so on. Main Specification Max Spindle Speed:100 6000 rpm Max Turning Length: 320mm Max Machining diameter: 2 32 mm Spindle Motor:4.4KW Tools quantities: 19 NC Device:SYNTEC(Mitsubishi ,FAUNC Optional) Main Configuration Taiwan SYNTEC,Japan s MITSUBISHI, FANUC for optional Japan s MITSUBISHI, FANUC or SIEMENS spindle motor, motor and drive shaft three Japan s YASKAWA spindle motor and axle motor servo Germany s SKF, or Japanese THK guide rail Taiwan s PMI ball screw Japan s NSK bearing France s Electric Switch and Electric Relay SCHNEIDER Taiwan s Penumatic system AirTAC Taiwan s Cooling System Technical Specification Lathe parameterTCNZ-20DTCNZ-26DTCNZ-32DStandard NC SystemTaiwan-SYNTECTaiwan-SYNTECTaiwan-SYNTECMax Machining Diameter20mm26mm32mmMax Machining Length245mm/ 2D/1 clamping320mm/ 50/1 clamping320mm/ 2D/1 clamping1 clamping Z1 range 40min1 clamping 1 clamping Z1 range 64 minMax drilling diameter of spindle 10mm 13mm 13mmMax drilling depth of spindle40mm50mm50mmSpindle Through-hole diameter 23mm 28mm 33mmSpindle Rotating speed6000rpm6000rpm6000rpmMax diameter of rotary tools 10mm 13mm 13mmMax speed of rotary tools5500rpm5500rpm5500rpmSub spindle holding bar diameter 20mm 26mm 32mmMax drilling diameter of sub spindle 10mm 13mm 13mmSub spindle rotating speed6000rpm6000rpm6000rpmTools quantities18 1919Combo turning tools666Side rotating tools4 x ER164(3 X ER16+1 x ER20)4(3 X ER16+1 x ER20)Front drilling tools4 x ER165 x ER205 x ER20Back drilling tools4 x ER164 x ER204 x ER20Tools SizeTurning Tools12mm12mm12mmSide rotating tools colletER16ER16 ER20ER16 ER20Collet for drilling sleeveER16ER16 ER20ER16 ER20Rapid feed speedX1/X218m/min/24m/min18m/min/24m/min18m/min/24m/minY1/Y224m/min/18m/min24m/min/18m/min24m/min/18m/minZ1/Z224m/min/24m/min24m/min/24m/min24m/min/24m/minMotorSpindle Motor3KW4.4KW4.4KWRotating Tools Motor0.75KW0.75KW0.75KWSub spindle Motor3KW3KW3KWAxle Motor0.75KW0.75KW0.75KWPower Capacity15KVA18KVA18KVAAir Pressure0.6MPa0.6MPa0.6MPaLathe Net Weight3500kg3700kg3700kgSize(L*W*H)2100 x 1350 x 1800 mm2400 x 1400 x 1800 mm2400 x 1500 x 1900 mmOption Parts parameterSpindle End face Power unitPower unit No.333Power unit collet standardER16ER16ER16Power unit power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KWMax rotating speed5500rpm5500rpm5500rpmFixed drilling collet4*ER164*ER164*ER16Y2 axle + Sub spindle power unitPower unit quantities444Power unit collet standardER16ER16ER16Power unit power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KWMax Rotating speed5500rpm5500rpm5500rpmFixed Drilling collet4*ER164*ER164*ER16Y2 axle rapid feed speed18m/min18m/min18m/minY2 axle motor power0.75KW0.75KW0.75KWDeep Drilling hole PartsTools quantities2 22Collet standardER16ER16 ER16Collet for


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