Ductless Fume Hood

Ductless Fume Hood



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DFH series ductless fume hood passed national utility model and design patent with beautiful and elegant design, and passed ISO9001 certification.
Filter technology:
HEPA filter imported from America, which is compliance with AFNOR NFX 211 and BS7989 British standard, the lifespan of which is more than 1.5 years.
1.Enhanced filtration technology:
The GR filter could guarantee its performance under extremely adverse condition as it has been given strict tests which include the saturation reaction of filtration system under extremely adverse condition in lab environment, temperature, moisture, and with the mixed compounds including organic acid, alcohol, aromatic hydrocarbon, aldehyde, ketone, ether. The standard curve is analyzed and compare by GC thermal desorption technology to ensure he highest residual value of each chemical is controlled at 1%. 
2.Stacked filter system
According to the complicated requirements of lab operation, GR-Plus publishes the stacked filtration system which is capable to adsorb more than 90% toxic substances in the laboratory.


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