Electrothermal constant temperature incubator

Electrothermal constant temperature incubator



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Provided as a necessary equipment for scientific research with the optimal placing of the heating elements, ensure high performance in homogeneity and stability of temperature and the proper incubation of the samples.
Electric heating film is installed between working chamber and outer shell with fast heating rate
Patented fan system ensures the temperature uniformity of working chamber
Large LCD display with intuitive interface facilitate your daily operation
Heating incubator have the double door, with the inner glass full-width, which ensures a perfect observation of the samples in the chamber without unnecessary heat loss.
Internal plate-based heating technology with large area generates high temperature uniformity
Unique chamber design offers the best usable-space-to-volume ratio, as well as perfect sample protection.
Memory protection from power failure, High and low temperature alarm
The working chamber is made of mirror stainless steel, round corner and adjustable shelf design is convenient for cleaning
Automatic shut off and audible,visual alarm for over temperature protection -Optional
Be equipped with USB or RS485 interface which can be connected with printer or computer -Optional


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