Fresh milk vending machine Milkbot 200 LE

Price : USD 3170 - 3770 Per Pieces






12 months

Minimum Order Quantity


1 Pieces

Production Capacity


30 Pieces Per Month

Delivery Time


2-6 weeks

Packaging Details


2100x800x800mm (hxwxd)/150 KGS/in carton with hard wooden top, on pallet

Payment Methods


Pay Pal , T/T , Western Union

Since 1993 we have been manufacturing milk vending and processing machines. You can find our machines almost anywhere in the world from Siberia to South America, from New Zealand... (Read More)

Product specifications

Stainless steel,INTERIOR and dispensing box
PLC,2 x 16 LED display
Coin acceptor
Bill validator,ICcard,Credit cards,Receipt printer,Internet connection,SMS alarms,ALL stainless,touch resistive panel,4.3" and 5.7"
Milk tanks offered
216L all stainless steel 304 - closed for transportation and vending
Milk tank included?

Product Description

Why should I choose Milkbot 200 LE?
It is the most affordable Milkbot model. Literally any dairy farmer worldwide can afford this automatic milk dispenser if they need to sell milk directly to dear customers and wants to earn some serious cash on daily basis from own milk.

Advantage 1
Robust automation controlled by an industrial PLC . Reliable to use and operate every day. It can be customized as per your individual requirements.
Advantage 2
We care for sanitary precautions. Milkbot system ensures that the milk on a way to its customer cannot be contaminated. Milk storage tanks are closed and sealed directly at the farm service room. So the milk is transported to the vending place in sealed containers. Sanitation procedure has two steps - step one is performed directly in the vending machine (cleaning of the tubing with 0,5% alk. or acid liquid Bastuman; step two is performed in the service room at the farm where you wash the tanks and pumps with hoses. In this version Milkbot is equipped with water sprayer nozzles for cleaning of the dispensing box. Your end customers and veterinary authorities will appreciate this feature.
Advantage 3
Maximum milk level control.

Milkbot is an automatic milk vending machines which is allways by 3 advantages in front of competitors. Milkbot can be also used as an automatic vending machine of other consumable liquids such as yoghurt milk (up to certain viscosity), cider, juice, wine etc.

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