HC-64-94 Mattress Machine

HC-64-94 Mattress Machine



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HENGCHANG QUILTING MACHINERY FACTORY specializes in manufacturing High-speed Computerized Multi-needle Chain Stitch Quilting Machines. Our machines combine America s advanced... (Read More)

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With professional and productive factory, HENGCHANG is one of the leading China hc-64-94 mattress machine manufacturers and suppliers. If you are looking for hc-64-94 quilting equipment, hc-64-94 quilting machinery made in China or wholesale, or if you want to buy cheap products, please feel free to contact us.HC-64"-94" High speed computerized multi-needle shuttle quilting machineSPECIAL FUNCTION:1.Multi-jump large pattern?2.Speed can be changed digitally3.Function of automatic stop on breaking of thread (optional)4.Needle raising (optional)5.One unit fabric presser6.Segmented pattern editing7.Easy and quick pattern editing capability8.Large quantity of selectable patterns ready for use?9.Use Panasonic servo motor (optional)10.Machine speed can reach 450-550 rpm, stitch size of 2m-6mm11.Automatic pattern adjustment that solves the problem of pattern distortion when quilting on thick material12.Patented machinery designTechnical Specification:Multi-needle large pattern shuttle quilting machine specificationSPEC\
? ? ?3 NEEDLE2300kg2450mm250mm400-550n/m380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz4kw(L)4350mm
? ? ?(W)1050mm
? ? ?(H)1780mmHC 94 INCH
? ? ?2 NEEDLE2100kg2450mm250mm400-550n/m380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz4kw(L)4350mm
? ? ?(W)1050mm
? ? ?(H)1780mmHC 64 INCH
? ? ?3 NEEDLE1800kg1700mm160mm
? ? ?100mm400-600n/m380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz3.5kw(L)3270mm
? ? ?(W)1050mm
? ? ?(H)1750mmHC 64 INCH
? ? ?2 NEEDLE1600kg1700mm160mm
? ? ?100mm400-600n/m380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz3.5kw(L)3270mm
? ? ?(W)1050mm
? ? ?(H)1750mmProducts:Applications:Mattress Comforter Clothing Handbag Glove Sleeping bag all bed equipment of pattern.Installation Layout:


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