Hot Sale Ce Approved Biomass Wood Pellet Mill/Biomass Pellet Machine For Wood

Hot Sale Ce Approved Biomass Wood Pellet Mill/Biomass Pellet Machine For Wood

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Development History of Biomass Energy

Biomass energy has always been the important resources that human rely on for existence. Before or after the World WarII, the research of applying of woody energy has come to the peak, but it tend to be low along with the followed development of petrochemical engineering and coal chemical industry. In 19710s, the Middle East War triggered the global energy crisis, and the development and applying of renewable energy included wood energy has draw attention of people one more time.

At present, the biomass energy has been listed as the No.4 of the world total of energy consumption, all leading countries has carried out the research of biomass energy positively. Biomass energy is most likely to be part of the renewable energy system in the future. The optimistic estimates believe that various kinds of biomass energy which produced by the new technology will account for over 40% of the global total energy consumption until the middle of 21 Century.

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Hot Sale Ce Approved Biomass Wood Pellet Mill/Biomass Pellet Machine For Wood Working Principle:

The basic structure of the pelletizing chamber is mainly composed of these parts: the die, the rollers, feeding scraper and cutting knives. The material that has been crushed and adjusted to proper moisture in pretreatment part of the biomass pellet plant will be put into the pelletizing chamber of Hot Sale Ce Approved Biomass Wood Pellet Mill/Biomass Pellet Machine For Wood.

Biomass Pellet Mill

When the machine is started, the electric motor will drive the ring die to rotate. And the rollers will also revolve on its own axis due to the friction between itself and the die. By means of gravity and the centrifugal force generated by rotating of the ring die, material will be firmly attached to inner surface of the ring die. The feeding scraper will ensure the material to be continuously and evenly pushed forward along the die to be prepared for pelletizing. Then the material is squeezed by the roller and the die, and with the gradually increasing pressure, the density of the material also becomes higher. Thus the material temperature will rise, which softens the lignin in it and makes it easier to be shaped. At this time, the material is compressed into the die holes and shaped into small cylindrical strips with diameters of 6 - 10 mm depending on the size of the holes . Finally, the cylinder will be cut into several-centimeter-long pellets, and thus is OK for subsequent steps.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. would like to help you turn biomass waste into biofuel in a bid to make you reuse wasted material in a green and recycled manner. We can offer the best and most suitable solutions for you. Our briquette machine, biomass pellet mill and biomass pellet plant feature high yield and competitive prices. There is no need for you to invest quite much in a briquette plant or pellet plant but the payback is explicitly decent. We hope you can snatch the opportunities and win a wider market in the biofuel market across the world. Fote mproducts will always be your best companion.

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