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Product Description

What is an implant?
By planting artificial dental roots made of titanium on the jawbone in the area of the missing tooth, it fixes the artificial tooth
and prevents destruction of the original tooth. It is a safe dental treatment which resolves the problems of existing procedures such as dentures and bridges.
Advantages of implants
1. Does not destruct adjacent teeth like a bridge, thus preserving the natural teeth.
2. Allows you to change the existing denture to fixed prostheses in some cases.
3. Lasts longer than dentures.
4. Can be used semi-permanently depending on the patient’s health and oral conditions.
5. Has chewing power similar to those of natural teeth.

Implant Q&A

Does dental implant surgery hurt?
Due to local anesthesia during the surgery and consumption of antibiotics and painkillers post-surgery, there is no pain. Patients can return to daily life the day after the surgery.
How long does the treatment take?
The treatment period from the surgery to the completion of prostheses takes 4 - 6 months for the upper jaw, and 3 - 4 months for the lower jaw. The period is getting shorter as the treatment technology develops.
How long do dental implants last?
Like natural teeth, individual factors such as the patient’s health, immunity, oral hygiene, regular examinations, and maintenance are the factors that determine the longevity of dental implants.
Are dental implants suitable for patients with general diseases?
It is true that surgical operations is difficult with patients with general diseases such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, mental diseases, blood diseases, etc., but if the degree and conditions of the disease are mild, surgery can be done after a thorough diagnosis.
What is the success rate of dental implant treatment?
The safety of dental implants is well-approved and is used worldwide including the US and Japan. The treatment success rate is near 100%. There are rare cases in which the bone does not stick to the implant, thus failing to be fixed to the gum, but in such cases the original implant can be removed and a new one can be planted.
Can old patients get dental implants?
Implants can be done regardless of age if the patient has a jawbone. However, if the patient has bone diseases such as severe osteoporosis, the patient should consult with the dentist before getting the surgery.
IU Implant

-S.L.A. Surface Proven for More than a Decade

Applied Oneplant's S.L.A. Surface proven for more than a decade,
it shortens the treatment duration by early osseointegration.

-Initial Fixation of a New Concept

The fixture design optimized for the cortical bone and the cancellous bone minimizes super-compression on top of the implant cortical bone and generates adequate compression at the bottom of the cortical bone and the top of the cancellous bone for initial fixation, which prevent bone resorption early and you can expect outstanding clinical prognosis.

-Combination of Straight & Tapered design

Designed in the straight type appearance and internally tapered design, the fixture is easy to surgically operate and provides outstanding initial fixation power.

-Adopting Thread for No stress and self cutting

With the square thread on top of the fixture, it is good to disperse stress and with the V shaped thread design, it is easy to surgically operate and it provides outstanding clinical prognosis. Since the thread pitch decreases toward the top, it prevents compression of the top cortical bone.


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