KERNEL 9000B LED Woods Lamp UVA Medical Lamp Dermatology Diagnose Skin Analyzer

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1 year for full set

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1 Set/Sets

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500 Set/Sets Per Month

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3 days

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aluminum box

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Product Description

KN9000B LED portable Woods Lamp skin analyzer

The Most Valuable Indications of Woods Light:
1, Pigment abnormal skin disease
2, Infectious skin disease
3, erythroderma desquamativum
4, Neuropsychiatric disorders
5, Some metabolic skin diseases
6, Diagnosis and definition of scope of skin lesions of certain tinea corporis and cruris, marla folliculitis disease
7, Certain metabolic skin disease

a, Observation Window and Shade Cloth, User can observe and take photos clearly in normal environment
b, Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Getting rid of the power cord, more convenient to carry and use, more suitable for home use
c, LED UVA Light and White Light, Low power consumption, long life. It is not only used for the examination of various skin diseases, but also can be used for other medical examination illumination.
d, Eye protecting Glass to avoid UV radiation on the human eye damage
e, Adjustable Brightness
f, Mobile Phone holder


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