Leather Embossing Machine

Leather Embossing Machine



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Product Description

Leather Embossing Machine
3D Leather Wall Panel Machine
3D wall panel machine
Machine parameters
Power: 12.4KW
Dimensions: 1140 500 1670mm
Stroke of movable beam: 200mm
Working speed: piece 30s
Backing velocity: 40 mm s
Nominal pressure: 400kn
Maximum working pressure of liquid: 25MPa
Voltage: 380V
Weight: 1000KG
Machine characteristics
1, Precise four-column guide design ensured high precision of products.
2, Use large-diameter hydraulic cylinders, high presser and stable operation.
3, Use resisting high temperature motors, ensuring safe and long-term service.
4, Made by high-precision and high-strength thick steel,deformation and rigidity.
5, Optimization design, simple, economic and applicable. Direction valve integrated system hydraulic control system, reliable, long life, small hydraulic impact, reduce the link pip and leak. Independent electrical control system, reliable, operating convenience, centralized control buttons, support manual and automatic function.
6, Up and down heating form, adjustable temperature,make product texture more clearly.
7, High sensitivity grating sensors ensure safety operation.
8, The upper and lower positions of active guide pillar, head and platen are set electromagnetic induction device, accuracy positioning , precision products texture has good consistency.
9, Pressure-keeping and time-delaying character. Adjustable working pressing and travel.
10, All-in-one, replacement of mold can produce various different patterns of products.


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