Liquid Egg Gable-Top Carton Filling Capping Machine (BW-1000-3)

Liquid Egg Gable-Top Carton Filling Capping Machine (BW-1000-3)



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In polywood case.

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Shenyang Beiya Beverage Machinery Company is the earliest to research and design gable top carton filling machine in domestic market. It is a high technology company combining... (Read More)

Product Description

BW-1000-3 type Liquid egg Gable-Top Carton Filling Capping Machines consist of three separate machines: Carton forming machine, capping machine and filling machine. The entire machine is made of food-grade stainless steel. The surface is special processed to be beautiful and durable in use.

1. Work flow:

1 Carton Forming Machine: Put the carton onto the mandrel manually -- Bottom performing -- Bottom heating -- Bottom sealing

2 Capping Machine: Put the cap into and the carton\'s capping hole manually -- Ultrasonic welding

3 Filling Machine: Put the carton onto the conveyor manually -- Top preforming -- Filling -- Top heating -- Top sealing -- Date printing -- Finished product

2. Suitable for filling:

Milk, yogurt, cream, beaten egg, soy milk, juice, tea drink, corn drink, pure water, sauce, wine, cleaning solution, chemical product, sugar, grain, cornmeal, other dry powder, etc.

3. Technical parameter:

1. Capacity: 250--1000ml can be filled by one machine
2. Output: 800-1200 cartons/hour
3. Packing material: Cardboard carton / aluminium foil carton
4. Filling Temperature: Cold filling: 2-50 degC/ hot filling 88-92 degC
5. Cap: With cap Optional
6. Overall power: 23KW three phases of electricity
7. Size: L W H : Carton forming machine: 1.3m 0.9m 1.5m
Capping machine: 0.8m 0.6m 1.2m
Filling machine: 2.0m 0.9m 2.6m
8. Compressed air pressure: 1.0-1.4 Mpa, Flow rate: 0.8-1.0M3/min, without oil, water and dust
9. Cooling water: Flow volume: ≥ 20L/ min Temperature: Normal temperature
10. Net Weight: 1200kg carton forming machine: 300kg, capping machine: 100kg, filling machine: 800kg
11. Installation requirement: Any smooth floor, such as cement, floor tile, plastic ground, etc. Do not need to make angle.


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