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Rm613, Jiahe Sunny Plaza, No.76 JiuTing Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, P.R. China

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Product Description

Micro flow meter :Poland polyurethane industry leader 4 th in a row for the purchase of micro flow meter

The client is Poland polyurethane industry leading enterprises, the company set up in the last century in the 1970s , cooperate with Warsaw University of Technology and create a number of research results.

So the customer demands for product quality is very harsh. The customer has been using the German KOBOLD micro flow meter before buying our company's micro flow meter.Although it is a micro flow meter with the German brand,but the accuracy can not meet the requirements from the customer . customer requirement is 0.3% .They got into trouble for can not find the suitable micro flow meter .When they contact our company and try our micro flow meter. Later it is very exciting to find that our products meet all kinds of requirements.So,they place our 4 orders of micro flow meter in 2 mouth .

The fourth orders of micro flow meter are purely unexpected,just now .Because it is only a week away from the last purchase of micro flow meters.This time, regularly customer visits to inquire about the situation of the use of micro flow meter.They bring the new orders for the micro flow meter,it is so magical.

Customer mail:
Thank you very much for your email. We are very pleased using flow meters, they are vary accurate and stable.
The bellow is detail:
4 pcs CX-M2 micro flow meter:0.5~150ml/min
5 pcs CX-M9 micro flow meter:5~550L/H
5 pcs CX-M9 micro flow meter:5~550L/H
As the second micro flowmeter manufacturers in China, received such a letter of thanks, which is the greatest reward for us!

Why CIXI micro flow meter better than the German KOBOLD micro flow meter in the applied field?
Our micro flow meter is designed and developed by Mr. Tu Jianwen, a former senior engineer at SIEMENS.
Mr. Tu has the ambition of revitalizing China's manufacturing at the beginning of the company. In the case of limited funding, he still buy a very expensive micro flow meter researched by the SIEMENS processing center . Through the study of day and night,our micro flow meter got two national invention patents.
China manufacturing has been considered to be copied.But,the shanghai cixi instrument,could Very proud to say:our micro flow meter is completely
Designed and developed by ourselves.
Today, although the name of Chinese manufacturing is the best in the world,but the quality is not the best.
However,Shanghai cixi instrument could guarantee to customers: Stainless steel SS316L material corrosion type micro flow meter ,Standard type micro flow meter with anodized aluminium .All materials will be marked on the contract, will not let the customer feel confused.

We produce complete installation of SGS, ISO standard process, Strictly ensure that every detail of the production of micro flow meters, the requirements on every parameter to achieve the ultimate.
1.The accuracy is 0.3% 40% than the others
2.Ultra wide range ratio: more than 50 times 5times than others
3.Super high pressure: 1000bar
4.Super high temperature: 150C pass the 200C test just now

CIXI micro flow meter has made a series of technical breakthroughs,Get a lot of praise from Europe and the United States.The praise is the responsibility,is the pressure,is the power for study ,prepare for the next generation of micro flow meter technology innovation.

"Germany's quality, China's manufacturing" this is not a slogan.This is our practical actions of the round the clock.

Contacts:Porter Wang
Mobile phone:18930776760
Tel: 86 21-57632436
Address: Rm613, Jiahe Sunny Plaza, No.76 JiuTing Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai, P.R. China


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