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Product Description

Product superiority
1st, a machine multipurpose function, both can realize the digitized photography, the digitized perspective, and can the digitized stomach and intestines function, the digitized radiography function conformity in a body, even can carry on inspections and so on involvement emission phantom image formation;
2nd, the dynamic plate detector has the superelevation contrast gradient and extremely a micro picture element great size, can realize the digitized photography, the digitized perspective digitization radiography and so on many kinds of functions;
3rd, the gathering area large picture, the image formation big field of vision, the phantom visible scope may amount to 17 inch 17 inches;
4th, the image clarity, the contrast gradient are high, the effect is good, easy to distinguish the focus of infection;
5th, has the nimble multi-purpose inspection bed, the design user friendly;
6th, the safety performance is high, the failure rate is low;
7th, digitization processing system, reliable stable.
Product introduction
Digitized stomach and intestines DR secretes wets the bed the synthesis to make the motion picture projector, is called multi-purpose dynamic DR.
Uses the Kamm medical service independent research and development the bed body, the wide range bed body movement, the multi-purpose entire automated operation, the lowest degree reduces patient's migration, causes the operation to be more convenient quickly.


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