Otolaryngology ENT Surgical Microscope with Lowest price

Otolaryngology ENT Surgical Microscope with Lowest price



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Otolaryngology ENT Surgical Microscope with Lowest price

High quality optical parts and flexible system expansibility: Many observation and recording tasks require using a known magnification setting to ensure continuous and comparable observational results. Build-in point-and-stop mechanical system can quickly and easily achieve this important function.
Precise color reproduction: Selected multilayer coated lens and apochromatism zooming optical technology enable observing original color of the sample vividly.
Universal rotary head: Damping adjustable double handle, easy and free.
High performance filter: There are two kinds of high performance filter group can be used in GFP/YFP. Optimizdaccording to the wavelength characteristics of the GFP/YFP, presents high light transmittance and sharp cut-off value
Human engineering intelligent stand: Make the operation, more convenient and flexible, greatly reduced the doctor’s work.


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