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10 Metric Ton

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2 weeks (It depends on our stocks )

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25 kg pp printed bags & 1 tonne big bag

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MTM Plastic Recycling is operating in plastic industry for almost 20 years. The company started its operations in 2005 with its new name and produces approximately 750 tonnes... (Read More)

Product Description

Used in automotive industry, plastic case production, construction industry insulation, hook, etc. , buckets, flower pots, tables, chairs and various plastic toys.

Chemical and physical properties:

Most common commercial polypropylene, the crystal structure of the low-density polyethylene LDPE and high-density polyethylene HDPE has a level of. Young's modulus elasticized module in the middle level. However, less rigid than LDPE and less brittle than HDPE. This permits the use of polypropylene instead of engineering plastics such as ABS.

Polypropylene, a very good resistance against fatigue. Low-cost, has a good impact resistance. Has a low coefficient of friction, provides very good electrical insulation. Chemical resistance is good. All are suitable thermo-plastic processes. Polypropylene, melting temperature 160 ° C.

his type of material, the detergent box lids, margarine containers, such materials are produced. Recycling of synthetic carpet base, a variety of plastic toys, stationery supplies and similar products can be manufactured.

Indispensable raw material for injection and the textile sector.

You are looking for quality in the MTM Plastic.
Products, 25 kg of standard packages of transparent bags are produced and shipped.

We produces a wide range of color granules. In addition, according to the demands of our
customers, they want to produce special color granules.


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