Pure Refined Sunflower Oil 1.8Ltr

Pure Refined Sunflower Oil 1.8Ltr

Price : USD 1.35 - 1.50 Per Bottle(s)




Minimum Order Quantity


14160 Bottle(s)

Production Capacity


1500 Metric Ton(s) Per Month

Delivery Time


14 days

Packaging Details


PET bottle in box

Payment Methods


L/C , T/T

Country of origin Ukraine - the World leader of production of sunflower oil . Every second bottle of sunflower oil selling in the world, made in Ukraine , or produced from... (Read More)

Product specifications

Color number mg iod

Product Description

Delicate and light, refined, deodorized sunflower oil, carefully prepared from the seeds of highly oleaginous sunflower varieties.
Save all natural nutrients of the product.
Oil has light golden color, without taste and smell.
In the cooking does not burn and does not foam. Ideal for filling vegetable salads, sauces and all kinds of home cooking.
Shelf of Life 24 month .
Food ( nutritious ) value of 100g product :
Fats - 99,9g
Protein - 0g
Carbohydrates - 0g
Energy value of 100g - 899kcal ( 3761kj )
Natural vitamin E .
Free Cholesterol
1.8Ltr Bottle
6 bottle in box

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