Quality Sunflower Cooking Oil

Quality Sunflower Cooking Oil



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Sunflower OIl



2 years

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27 Metric Ton

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1000 Metric Ton Per Month

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10-15 Days

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Liters, Drums, Vacum

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Product Description

Application of sunflower oil
1. Sunflower seed oil is rich in carotene, it can lower serum cholesterol concentrations, prevent arteriosclerosis and vascular disease in patients with hypertension and is very suitable for the elderly to eat.
2. Sunflower oil also contains more vitamin E,it can delay aging and keep young.
3. Sunflower oil also contains more vitamin B3, it has significant effect on the treatment of neurasthenia and depression psychosis .
Store in cool and dry place
Shelf life:
2 years when properly stored

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