Reinforced kevlar Edge Corrugator Belt

Price : USD 100 - 150 Per Square Meter




Minimum Order Quantity


15 Square Meter

Delivery Time


15-20 working day

Packaging Details


Type-I:Waterproof film+Dampblanket+Plasticbag+pallet

Payment Methods


L/C , T/T , Western Union

Huatao Wire Belt Factory Huatao Wire Belt Factory, also named Huatao, founded in1980, is a professional manufacturer of corrugator belts specialized for corrugated board... (Read More)

Product Description

When the corrugated board production line is running,due to the corrugator belt with the hot plate touching directly, so the surface temperature of corrugator belt will be rise 40% than original temperature,
In order to improve the temperature and wear strength of the belt, the edge of corrugator belt will be weaving high temperature and wear-resistant special fiber: Aramid fiber.
while ensuring the performance of the belt, also greatly enhanced resistance to wear and Abrasion resistance.


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